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Experience the Privacy and Seclusion of the Northwest's Premier Private Lake.

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Radar Lake is considered one of the first man-made water sports lakes on the planet. The property Radar Lake sits on was originally bought by the legendary water ski innovator, Herb O'Brien in January 1972. When he first saw the property he had a vision of creating a one of kind water ski paradise. In March 1972 he began the construction of the lake and one year later, O'Brien Lake was completed and ready for its first pass through the slalom course. Since that first pass the aura and mysticism of Radar Lake has grown to epic proportions in the water ski and wakeboard industry.
Then, 1972
Herb's dream realized...He grew up on Lake Sammamish when there were almost no other ski boats to be seen on the lake. In 1958, when he was 14 years old, there was always flat water during the day. Within 10 years, the lake was crowded and flat water for slalom skiing was a rarity. Herb dreamt of building a lake near Redmond where it was private and the water was always like glass. Finding a site with a view was a dream, but not realistic in his thoughts until Bud Welcome showed him this site. "As I started thinking about the site I thought of raising my kids, I only had Paul then and he was 2, but wanted more. I thought this would be like Lake Sammamish's wilderness feeling in the early 50's winters, but also exist in the summers forever too as no one else would be building around the lake." ~ Herb O'Brien
Herb O'Brien 1963

In 1976, the lake was bought by Wilbur "Mac" McPherson who fell in love with the beauty and seclusion of the property. Mac, owner of Radar Electric based in Seattle, changed the name to Radar Lake after his company. Mac had several offers on the property but he would never sell, always telling the prospective buyers he would only sell to one man, Herb O'Brien. Mac knew that Herb was the only person that would keep Radar the pristine dream he had grown to love and cherish.
Now, 2012
In 2000, Herb purchased the property back from Mac. It was at this time that Herb and his wife, Pamela "Pam" Fleming-O'Brien moved to Radar Lake. Their daughter, Melissa was off at college in Florida carrying on the family tradition at Rollins College, the school her brother Paul had attended 10 years earlier. Radar Lake is no longer just the home of the O'Brien family, it is also the home of Square One, distributor or Radar Skis and Ronix Wakeboards.
A few years after the O'Brien family moved back to Radar Lake, Mac was diagnosed with cancer. Mac remodeled the cabin so that he could move from his downtown Seattle home to the place he and his wife had loved for so many years. In October 2007, Mac lost his battle with cancer, but the O'Brien family is honored to have known and shared time with such a kind, generous and unique soul. The O'Brien family will forever be grateful for the opportunity Mac gave them to move back to the property that is so loved by them all.
In the summer of 2009, a group of family members got together to brainstorm ideas of how to share their beautiful property with those that have longed to ski on the lake or experience the ambience of the property. The rest of this website highlights how they decided to share their home with you!