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Radar Lake Events

Experience the Privacy and Seclusion of the Northwest's Premier Private Lake.

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Welcome to Radar Lake Events! 
Forty years. That's how long the spirit of Radar Lake has been alive. A Northwest native, the legendary Herb O'Brien first broke ground on his man made lake in 1972. This famous lake, nestled in the foothills of Redmond, set the wheels in motion for what water skiing has become today. That makes it much more than a lake. It has created hundreds of professional titles, numerous world records, world champions and the world's most legendary ski shapes in modern design. To the owner's, it's most recently become the centerpiece of the industry's newest, most progressive water ski company. To us, it's our mascot, our passion and our home. Radar Lake has been directing us, feeding our soul for nearly four decades now and we feel like it's only just begun. So as we continue to drive towards the future and we invite you to get behind the boat with us, or plan your special event here.
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